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      1. 在职教师的英文自我介绍

        时间:2020-07-20 15:21:32 自我介绍 我要投稿





          I was one with 13 years of teaching experience in physical education teachers, secondary school physical education in a title, came to xx secondary schools until the school work in xx.

          In professional sports, I am good at basketball, volleyball and badminton; in quality development, I have participated in Aptech ACCP professional learning, and access to Beida Jade Bird and the joint approach the Ministry of Labor, "junior software engineer" certificates, compare savvy knowledge, focusing on the construction and management of dynamic Web sites can be skilled in using office software and Dreamweaver, Flash and other software, have been alone for the xx area of Justice and the Organization Department established a unit website.

          Past achievements have changed with the disappearance of the original schools, wiped out, and I will state the beginning of a new teachers in my school work xx. In the xx distinctive secondary education and teaching under the influence of management mode, in this warm and harmonious family, I must give full play to their advantages, and actively join the Cottage in education, to become a good teacher.


          My name is XXX, XXX, aged XX. Graduated from the School of Journalism and Publishing, Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology in June this year, majoring in marketing. I have done insurance sales and freight forwarding sales before, so I have the necessary experience in sales. In addition, I have worked in Xinhua Bookstore, and I have the necessary experience in serving customers well. My English foundation is good, I have obtained CET-4 certificate, CET-6 has 400 points, and I have also interned in a foreign trade company. I adhere to the principle that attitude decides everything. I believe that as long as we do every detail steadily, serve customers well, and through our unremitting efforts, we must have excellent performance. I am confident that I will do a good job in this position. I am willing to submit to your companys arrangement, be able to take up the position at any time, and prepare for long-term development in your company, because it is your company that has given me such an opportunity.


          Good morning (afternoon)!

          My name is xx. I am 24 years old. I am a 20xx graduate of XX major in XX university. The position I am applying for is xx.

          I have been in XXX company, XX company, XXX company research or internship, understand XX business processes, XXXX operation and production management.

          Integrity and hard work are the principles of my life, calm and calm is my attitude when things happen, research and due diligence are the requirements of my practice. Looking back on the four yearsstudy and life in the university, I feel deeply and gain a lot. I have mastered the professional knowledge and trained myself in all aspects of quality and potential. I also have some shortcomings, but I face up to shortcomings and shortcomings, and constantly strive to improve myself.

          In addition to my professional counterparts, I feel that I also like this position very much. I believe that it can make me fully realize my social ideal and reflect my own value. I also think that I have the potential and confidence to do this job well.

          Thank you very much XX for giving me the opportunity to study in this interview. Thank you!